WATCH: Cliff Sims Reacts in Real Time to Trump Blasting Him: ‘Nothing More than a Gofer’


Just when Cliff Sims may have been concerned that his 15 minutes were over, President Donald Trump comes to his rescue.

For those who have blissfully avoided cable news over the past 24 hours, Sims is the former White House aide who just penned a remarkable tell-all book called Team of Vipers, the details of which have led to numerous blog posts and cable news commentary.

During an appearance on CNN’s New Day  in which Sims shared more remarkable details about his 500 days working in the White House, President Trump apparently had enough and delivered the following dismissive Tweet to his followers:

Trump is reported to be a voracious consumer of cable news and as such, often employs a DVR, so it is not clear if Trump was reacting in real time to Sims CNN hit or his previous appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Nonetheless, the Commander in Chief appeared vexed enough by Sims media hits to call him out, while Sims was on the CNN hit.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota made her guest away by saying “you would be shocked that the president just tweeted about you while we were doing the interview.”

A surprised Sims seemed to act somewhat gleefully, saying “really?” before Camerota read the Tweet.

Sims took the online and presidential diss in stride saying “look, I knew that was a possibility when I wrote the book. I said my identity isn’t wrapped up in being a trump staffer. My identity is wrapped up in who I am in my faith. Those are things that matter to me. I know who Jesus says I am. Don’t matter to many what Donald Trump or anyone else says.”Camerota pressed “you don’t mind being called a gofer?”

“Not one bit.”

Watch above via CNN.

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