Watch CNN’s ‘Wolf Blitzer’ Accept Trump’s Fake News Award on Jimmy Kimmel Live


On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had on a special guest in honor of President Trump’s Fake News Awards.

Kimmel began by acknowledging Trump’s assertion that the mainstream media’s coverage of his presidency has been largely negative.

“Well of course it’s been negative,” Kimmel said. “When you cover a train wreck, you don’t give equal time to the train!”

He told his audience that the president’s goal was to “discredit the integrity of every media outlet that isn’t Fox & Friends” and that one of his primary targets is CNN.

And on behalf of CNN, The Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer joined Kimmel via satellite to accept the Donald Trump Dishonest and Corrupt Media Award.

Blitzer kicked off his acceptance speech by thanking his “fake news writers” who made up “brilliant bullsh*t” all year long, the special effects team who “made it look like the president threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans,” and he also thanked Trump for the trophy, which had a little hand flipping the bird.

But Kimmel noticed something. It wasn’t Wolf Blitzer… it was his father.

“This man is my father!” Kimmel exclaimed. “President Trump is right! The news is fake! You’re a fake Wolf Blitzer!”

“Whoever said I was Wolf Blitzer?” Kimmel’s father asked.

The interview was crashed by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. At least that’s what Kimmel’s father told him.

“That’s not Rachel Maddow, that’s my mother!” Kimmel clarified to the audience. “That’s mom!”

“Not tonight it isn’t,” Kimmel’s father shot back. “Come on Rachel, let’s go home and howl at the wolves.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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