WATCH: Dan Bongino’s Shameless Flip Flop from Lauding John Bolton’s ‘Loyalty’ to Declaring Him a ‘Snake’


It’s funny how things change over time with just the right set of political circumstances.

Ever since The New York Times reported that John Bolton will claim in his upcoming book that President Donald Trump told him aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations he wanted into his political foes, the former national security advisor has become an instant pariah in Trumpworld. Bolton — who worked at Fox News for more than a decade — has seen his former Fox colleagues turn on him overnight, brutally condemning him for the alleged betrayal of Trump. One of of the more comical flip floppers is, naturally, Dan Bongino.

In the last few days, Bongino repeatedly trashed Bolton on Twitter while diminishing the significance of his possibly testimony in Trump’s impeachment trial.

It’s interesting that Bongino would speak of Bolton this way since, like many Fox News pundits, he was not so long ago quite excited to see a colleague join the Trump administration. Back in March 2018, Bongino insisted that Trump could expect loyalty from Bolton when the ambassador was hired to replace H.R. McMaster:

“One thing about Donald Trump we all know, and what I’ve heard from a lot of people who know him, and friends of mine who obviously still work there, is he prizes loyalty over anything else, everything. The thing about Donald Trump and his National Security Council is we’ve seen from the leaks is they’re people loyal to one thing. They’re loyal to themselves, they’re loyal to the swamp, and strangely, they’re loyal to the press that will screw them over in a minute. Now, he brings in John Bolton, and though John Bolton has some establishment ties, no one questions his loyalty. he’s gonna go in there, it’s going to be a housecleaning, and I think it’s exactly what Donald Trump needs to right this ship.”

How times have changed.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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