WATCH: Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Exchange Hilarious Impressions of Tucker Carlson


On Friday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo lamented about the ugliness in political discourse and slammed Fox News’s primetime lineup.

“The media can be a feedback mechanism for what’s out there,” he said. “With Trump, it doesn’t create the energy, it harnesses it, turbo-charges it. That’s Fox.”

He also called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson by name, showing a still image of the pouting Fox News personality and saying this: “He doesn’t have to say anything, he’s just got that pissed puppy dog puss that he has on his face.”

Then, just a few minutes later, Don Lemon joined him for the tradeoff.

Without warning, a squinting Lemon — who while gifted with other talents likely does not have a shiny future in Fox News personality impersonations — tried his hand at Carlson’s “pissed puppy dog puss.”

“What are you talking about Chris, you are unhinged!” Lemon said, borrowing one of Carlson’s favorite words. “Surely, you are smarter than that!…Don’t be dumb.”

“You’re trying to do the puppy dog puss!” Cuomo finally said, as Lemon broke out into a laugh.

He added, “You can’t pull it off, you need the bangs!”

Lemon then said he wasn’t trying to make fun but “it’s just so absurd.”

Cuomo, who tried a pickled punim or two of his own, then admitted he was making fun but “you have to.”

Finally, getting serious, Lemon said that while they may laugh, the rhetoric coming from the other network is dangerous.

“It’s dangerous,” he said. “People actually believe it…I sleep well at night, not sure about those guys.”

Watch above, via CNN

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