Watch Katy Tur and GOP Rep. End Bonkers Tax Segment By Asking Each Other How Much They Make


A lengthy and contentious tax discussion on MSNBC ended on a pretty awkward note when host Katy Tur and Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) asked each other how much money they make.

With the House of Representatives minutes away from passing the rewritten GOP tax reform bill, Tur pressed Brat on details of the legislation, namely why it was tilted heavily towards the wealthy and corporations. She asked the Virginia lawmaker if that was due to his donors.

“If you’re familiar with my election, that question is kind of humorous,” Brat responded. “Let me go back to the economics. Supply and demand. The demand side is the people.”

“That wasn’t a no,” Tur shot back.

After Brat said his donor relations are all good but that isn’t what drives him, claiming that the bill will deliver jobs to the next generation, the conversation segued into a discussion of salaries and bank accounts.

“What are you making, if you don’t mind? What is in your bank account right now?” Tur asked after highlighting the median income in Brat’s Congressional district.

“What’s in my bank account?!” Brat exclaimed, leading Tur to additionally ask what tax bracket he was in.

The Republican congressman referred to a chart he had to note he would be in the 24% bracket before attempting to pivot by bringing up a conversation he purportedly had with a man who works at Arby’s who makes $20,000 a year. We were then presented with this exchange as the segment wrapped up:

Tur: If we check your tax returns next year you’ll be at 24%.

Brat: Yeah. What are you at?

Tur: I don’t know. I have to take a look at it.

Brat: You don’t know!!!

Tur: I’m also not a lawmaker so I’m not involved in marking up this bill or selling it to the American people.

Brat: We’ll check out what you are making so it’s fair and balanced.

Well, that was certainly…something.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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