WATCH: Seattle Protesters Shout Down MSNBC Reporter For Calling Demonstrations ‘Street Festival’


Protesters in Seattle on Saturday objected to MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard labeling the city’s demonstrations a “street festival” and demanded he issue a correction live on air.

After interviewing protesters in the streets of Seattle,  Hillyard claimed the demonstrations had calmed down and transitioned to a “street festival-type atmosphere.”

“It has been peaceful since Monday, after more than a week of clashes between the demonstrators and the police,” said Hillyard. “Now you see essentially almost like a street festival-type atmosphere with a very—”

“It is not a street festival,” a protester said interrupting the MSNBC reporter.

Hillyard finished his earlier statement, “With an intentional purpose.”

The protester continued saying, “Do not say that. Shame on you for saying that. Learn right now, it is not a street festival.”

Another Seattle protester chimed in adding, “Do you know our voices sound like tear gas police attacked us with. You have to understand some traumatizing things happened here. All of us are suffering from PTSD in our own country. In it is not a street party.”

In response, MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson asked Hillyard to clarify to the protesters that they understand the demonstrations are “not a festival.”

“Would you let him know because we do have to move on, but let him know that we hear him 100% when he says this is not a festival because we saw what happened in Seattle,” said Johnson. “We do have to keep going and just let him know we are going to talk about this future of defunding the police but let him know we hear him loud and clear. This is not a festival. This is a social movement.”

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