WATCH: Stormy Daniels Dishes on Recent Encounter With Michael Cohen

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels appeared on CNN Tonight and ended up spilling the beans about a random encounter she had just yesterday with Michael Cohen.

Daniels is still suing Cohen because of the hush money scheme he cooked up with Trump to suppress her — which CNN Tonight Don Lemon noted during his wide-ranging interview. Daniels responded by saying Cohen seemed to be doing well all things considered.

“He passed within three feet of me,” said Daniels. “It was very strange. He looked happy and healthy, though. He looked like he had a weight off his shoulders.”

When asked if she holds a grudge against Cohen, Daniels said she had “a lot of ill will for him” for a long time, but it faded away more recently.

“In the end, he kind of did the right thing. He admitted that I wasn’t lying and that Trump had ordered him to do this. So in a way, I guess I forgive him.”

It’s been several months now since Cohen implicated his former boss as personally involved in his campaign finance law-violating schemes. Cohen’s name recently reappeared in the news thanks to a report saying Eric Trump worked with Cohen to coordinate the hush money ploy for the Trump scion’s dad.

Watch above, via CNN.

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