Watch the Long-Lost ‘Donald Trump’s House of Wings’ Sketch


Over the past weeks, we’ve brought you an assortment of television highlights and lowlights from the long public life of real estate mogul and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, including his stirring rendition of the “Green Acres” theme song. More than just entertainment, though, these offerings are a public service to voters, who deserve as much information as possible to evaluate their candidates for public office. People have a right to know that Trump ate pizza the wrong way long before Jon Stewart ever noticed it, or that he lent his image to a board game that donated all of its proceeds to charity.

To that end, we have uncovered a bit of Donald Trump history that has been mysteriously scrubbed from television’s memory banks. In 2004, Trump appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch entitled “Donald Trump’s House of Wings” in which he pitched a fictional Buffalo wing joint. The sketch was even listed on the package for an SNL DVD release, but the sketch itself was inexplicably missing from the disc. For whatever reason, somebody doesn’t want you to see this sketch.

We don’t think that’s fair to the public, so in the interest of a fully-informed electorate, we present the full “Donald Trump’s House of Wings” commercial parody, so they can draw their own conclusions. Does it reflect a deficiency of gravitas, or does it demonstrate wit and charm to rival Ronald Reagan? Does it portend drastic changes in the menu and decor at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? You be the judge:

The Trump in this video is the Trump that news consumers saw this past week, a looser, funnier Donald Trump who knocked several press conferences out of the park with his blunt charm. That pivot, from Mexican-bashing xenophobe to razor-sharp quipster, is key to broadening his appeal beyond the nativist base that put him on the GOP primary map.

Elsewhere in the same episode, Trump also displayed a rare penchant for self-effacement when he traded places with Darrell Hammond and viciously mocked his own affectations, and that sorest of sore spots: Trump’s hair:

Finally, this 2004 appearance also delivers Nostradamus-level prescience. If you’ve watched any of Trump’s post-debate coverage, you would swear that this Regis and Kelly sketch, in which he promises the highest ratings ever and tells Amy Poehler’s Kelly Ripa that she has a “tight little body,” was ripped from today’s headlines:

Liberals who mock Trump, and conservatives who dismiss him, are badly underestimating Trump’s gifts, and how far they might take him. It was the sizable roiling racist fringe that gave Donald Trump his lift to the top of the polls, but now that he’s there, his natural performer’s instincts and blunt bulldozing of politics as usual could keep him there a lot longer than anyone is prepared for.

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