WH Tell-All Author Explains How He Saw Kellyanne’s Leaking… While Tasked to Write Statement That She Wasn’t Leaking


Former White House aide Cliff Sims joined The View on Monday to hawk his new book. And during his appearance, he delved into claim that Kellyanne Conway is one of the biggest leakers within the Trump Administration.

Team of Vipers, Sims’s tell-all about his time working in President Donald Trump‘s White House, has drawn a great deal of attention thanks to his insider accounts on the infighting going on in the West Wing. In one of the book’s juiciest tidbits, Simsdescribes Conway as a “cartoon villain” who anonymously backstabs her colleagues in pursuit of her own political survival above all else.

As Sims explained his book to the panel, he gave props to Conway for being Trump’s fiercest media spokesperson, but he recalled feeling “offended” watching her trash her associates.

“I was offended that day because I was called to her office to help her write a statement responding to accusations that she would off-the-air say bad things about Donald Trump. So I’m sitting on her laptop, writing this statement, and her iMessages are synced. So I can see what she’s saying, and she’s doing exactly what I’m supposed to be writing a statement defending her about.”

When asked if Conway secretly agrees with her husband, prominent Trump critic George Conway, Sims said it was a mystery, even as he acknowledged her rebuke of his accusations against her. In terms of whether Sims is a leaker because of the contents of his book, Sims insisted that he wasn’t, and that his book was a memoir, rather, of things he wished he could’ve done differently.

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