Wolff: Concerned WH Staffers Not Leaving, Think They ‘Can Impose Some Kind of Logic and Order’

As part of his media blitz to promote his explosive and controversial Trump tell-all Fire and Fury, author Michael Wolff showed up on PBS NewsHour. And during his interview with Judy Woodruff, Wolff compared current White House staffers who believe that the president is unfit for office to patriots.

Wolff has made the case that 100% of the people he has talked to believed that Trump should not be president and are very concerned about his mental fitness. Woodruff asked him why we haven’t seen mass resignations from White House staff due to, at the very least, principle.

“The truth is, many of the people find themselves in this situation begin to see themselves as the people who can impose some kind of logic and order on this White House,” Wolff responded. “They stand between the American people and the president.”

He added, “They have suddenly become people with a patriotic duty.”

Wolff also noted that this was unexpected for all of them as they are largely ambitious people.

Watch the clip above, via PBS.

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