‘Wow!’ Morning Joe Mocks Matt Whitaker’s Profuse Press Conference Flop Sweat

Acting Attorney Matt Whitaker announced Monday during a Justice Department press conference that he expected the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up very soon. It was big news that earned immediate coverage as the public has received very little insight into Mueller’s plans.

The Morning Joe panel, however, also focused on another aspect of the presser: Whitaker’s profuse sweat.

After airing the clip, Mika Brzezinski interjected “wow!” before Joe Scarborough compared Whitaker’s flop sweat to the famous scene in Broadcast News in which the character played by Albert Brooks ruins his big break in anchoring the news with similar comedic flop sweat. He then offered a more self-effacing comparison recalling the “first four years” of his first show Scarborough Country.

Scarborough then offered a more empathetic take, saying “Once you know you’re sweating on TV and you tell yourself stop sweating? Guess what. It’s just like one of those showers at old Comiskey Park.”

Fellow co-host Willie Geist offered a more charitable take adding “He’s a big man that can sweat if he wants to. I’m not going to tempt fate.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC

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