‘You Look Really Stupid There’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN’s Acosta for Connecting Irma to Climate Change


The Five took turns ripping Jim Acosta on Monday after the CNN reporter invoked climate change during the White House’s press briefing on Hurricane Irma.

As Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert took questions about the damage Irma caused in Florida, Acosta grilled him about the Trump Administration’s shaky record on climate change. As the Fox panel considered Acosta’s question, Greg Gutfeld started the mockery by saying Acosta was being “anti-science” for making a broad assumption without sufficient data.

“He looked at anecdotal evidence instead of large samples of data… He does what we get criticized for,” said Gutfeld. “You look really stupid there… Maybe there is science we need to look at, but right there – anecdotal evidence – you look dumb.”

Juan Williams and Dana Perino agreed that Acosta was trying to force an argument on global warming by challenging Bossert the way he did. Jesse Watters reacted by talking about how climate change plays into how liberalism is all about guilting people enough to control their lives.

Kimberly Guilfoyle rounded out the discussion by criticizing Acosta for being a “politically opportunistic” and acting like “the personality of the newsroom.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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