Zelensky Reveals to CNN’s Erin Burnett Which Classic Rock Bands Give Him ‘Energy’ to Get Through War


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN’s Erin Burnett that listening to Eric Clapton, AC/DC, and Guns and Roses helped him get through Ukraine’s war with Russia.

“As a human being, so many people look up to you; they rely on you. No one can imagine how hard that is,” said Burnett to Zelensky in a clip from her interview, which aired on Wednesday. “Do you do anything for yourself? Are you ever able to take a minute to read or to listen to music or something to sort of give yourself that moment?”

Zelensky replied, “I have such moments. Important to be in silence, to be alone. Alone, how can I be alone? Alone I can be with music or with a book, and early, early in the morning when there are no sounds,” adding that “the music helps.”

Asked what music he liked to listen to, Zelensky said, “I like AC/DC and Ukrainian music. Of course, I like Ukrainian music a lot because Ukrainian, that’s native language. That’s why you understand not only music, you understand words and etcetera.”

He said that while he did not “understand all the words” of AC/DC, he liked “the energy.”

“I like Eric Clapton, loads of, loads of— Guns and Roses,” he continued before joking, “Maybe it’s too old music.”

Burnett responded, “I understand. We’re the same.”

“I love it,” Zelensky said. “It’s important to have sometimes at six, seven in the morning some trainings…”

“Workout,” said Burnett, to which Zelensky replied, “Yes, workout.”

He concluded, “To do something with music, with such music, which gives you energy for all the day.”

Watch above via CNN.

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