Fox’s Napolitano Says Christine Ford Comes Off With ‘Great Credibility’: ‘At This Point, She is 100%’


After the Senate Judiciary Committee broke for their first recess, Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney began the panel discussion by asking Napolitano Ford came across with “credibility.”

“With great credibility,” Napolitano responded. “With a serious intellect and with appropriate emotion. And at this point, she is 100%. No one has laid a glove on her and she’s absolutely believable in my opinion”

Varney noted that during her opening statement, Ford was “close to tears” and was “frail,” something Napolitano agreed with.

“I thought that that was rational to see that, given what she was talking about,” Napolitano told Varney. “I mean, she went through in vivid and graphic detail what she says happened. She’s absolutely certain that the person who did this to her was Brett Kavanaugh. Her memory of events before and after is fuzzy, but there doesn’t seem to be any deficiency in the stated aspect of her memory.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business Network.

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