Megyn Kelly Talks Ailes, Trump, and More on Dr. Phil: ‘My Problems With Roger Began When…’


Megyn Kelly is starting to move out of the “cable news star” bubble and into the regular orbit of genre-free “stars.” She has a revelation-filled book out tomorrow, has been co-hosting and headlining non-Fox News shows, retained a non-Fox PR agent, and is now being invited to speak to Dr. Phil McGraw on his show because, well, she generates major interest. That interest stems partially from her major feud with Donald Trump and the reports that it was her story of harassment that brought down the powerful (former) head of Fox News, Roger Ailes.

Those topics were, of course, tackled during her taping with McGraw. The Daily Mail got an exclusive clip of the interview, which starts with, “My problems with Roger began when I was at the company for 12 months, so I was a first-year reporter…”

In the minute-long clip, Kelly admitted that when he called her up to New York from the D.C. bureau, he made “grossly inappropriate” and “specific” comments about her body, his desire to see her, and other “severe” topics like her bras.

She said she did not want to be salacious and found it unpleasant to rehash the conversations, but wanted to state clearly that, “This was real. He did do this. I was far from the only one.”

Other Fox personalities did come forward after anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes for harassment this summer. Among them were well-known hosts like Andrea Tantaros and behind-the-scenes staff like Laurie Luhn. As mentioned, there have been reports that though Kelly did not sue or go to the press, she told internal investigators her story and got the ball rolling on Ailes’ ouster.

Here she is explaining the feud with Trump, which seems to have really taken off when she had no intention of shutting down the story of Ivana Trump accusing him of rape:

Her Dr. Phil episode airs tomorrow. Her book, Settle for More, also drops tomorrow.

Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly indicated her episode airs Thursday. It actually airs tomorrow. 

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