MSNBC Commentator Condemns EPA Chief Pruitt Over Scandals: ‘I Pray That He Doesn’t Survive This’


President Donald Trump may have branded his campaign with promises of ‘draining the swamp,’ but according to Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, he’s “thriving on it” instead.

Glaude made the remarks on during his appearance on MSNBC Tuesday, when discussing EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt who has fallen under a storm of controversy most recently over his connections to lobbyists and his pay hikes for aides.

“Scott Pruitt from my vantage point has been a disaster, a catastrophe for the EPA and now he has revealed his character,” Glaude said.

Facing a barrage of public scrutiny, questions remain as to whether Pruitt will keep his post. However, Gaude said “I pray that he doesn’t survive this for the good of the country.”

Despite the media’s field day with the Pruitt scandal, one administration official says Trump is safeguarding is position, having called him to say, “We’ve got your back.”

And for Glaude, the swamp is looking about the same as it always has.

“There’s a Loch Ness monster in this swamp,” Glaude said. “It seems to be Pruitt and Trump, that he’s not draining the swamp at all. In fact, he’s actually thriving on it. But I don’t want to get beyond the politics. There’s rolling back fuel efficiency for cars, you think about his refusal to endorse EPA rules, 230,000 Americans die every day [it’s actually per year] from hazardous chemicals. He slowed that process down. They’re not suing folk.”

Pruitt has come under fire for what is widely seen as a non-progressive stance on environmental issues, and again made headlines this week over his condo rental from an energy lobbyist’s wife.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC

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