Trevor Noah Rips Republican ‘Drama Queens’ for Competing to See Who Could Make Impeachment Sound the Worst

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah doesn’t think either Republicans or the president handled impeachment day very well.

Speaking at the top of the show, he mocked President Donald Trump‘s tweet sent hours before he was set to be formally impeached by the House of Representatives, noting that impeachment seems to have launched Trump into all stages of grief in the space of a tweet.

On Wednesday morning, prior to the House’s debate and impeachment vote, Trump claimed that he (in all caps) did “NOTHING WRONG.” He also called on his supporters to “say a PRAYER.”

“Is it just me or does it seem like Trump went through all the stages of grief in one tweet?” Noah asked, before noting that Trump’s social media narrative hit all the hallmarks of denial, anger, grief, depression and even acceptance.

He then compared Trump to a hysterical child trying to stave off a spanking his parents told him he would get “later.”

“Remember when you were a kid who was going to get a spanking but then your parents told you it was going to happen later because they didn’t have time and then the whole day it was just you in a state of panic?” he said. “That’s what Trump sounds like in that tweet.”

Noah, though, reserved the most snark for Republican “drama queens” who he said seemed to be competing for who could make the impeachment sound the worst.

“As upset as Trump sounds his Republican minions in the House seemed even more angry because they spent the day on the floor of the House competing to see who could make impeachment sound the worst,” he said.

He then noted that at one point, the impeachment was even compared to Pearl Harbor and Jesus’ crucifixion by Republican speakers.

“Did they just Google bad things and then click I’m feeling lucky?” he asked. “First of all, people actually died at Pearl Harbor, no one’s dying here.”

And piling on, he noted, “Jesus was tortured and then nailed to the cross, that is way worse than what is happening to Trump.”

Noah further snarked, “Even if Trump was going to be put on the cross he would never carry it himself, he would probably put it on the back of a golf cart.”

Watch above, via Comedy Central

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