Trump Administration Reportedly Weighing ‘Substantial’ U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan


President Donald Trump is considering a “substantial” withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The news of a potential shift in the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan comes just one day after the commander-in-chief decided to withdraw U.S. ground troops from Syria, against the advisement of his Defense Secretary James Mattis, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and various generals.

The Journal, citing administration officials, reports the “drawdown could begin in several weeks” and that “under the plans being considered, troops could begin to return home from Afghanistan as early as January.”

There are currently more than 14,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan.

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that multiple sources tell him Trump administration officials are bracing for the announcement, though sources warn that the president has not made a final decision on the matter.

Speaking to Tapper, the former deputy commander of US Central Command retired General John R. Allen, said that if Trump decides to pull troops from Afghanistan, it will be “a real crisis for us.”

“We’ve got coalition obligations there,”Allen said. “The Afghan people have depended on us for some period of time to help them to be prepared to ultimately deal with the Taliban over a long period — to make peace, to create a credible system of government there, to get the economy on its feet again — pulling out right now, just the announcement, would create chaos within the strategy.”

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