Trump Reportedly Feared Flynn Had ‘Turned’ on Him: ‘You Never Know About an Ally’

During a speech to the Coast Guard on Thanksgiving Day, President Donald Trump made a rather curious remark as he saluted those serving.

“You never know about an ally,” Trump said, ominously. “An ally can turn.”

It appears, now, that the ally has turned. And a new report suggests that Trump saw it coming (hence that remark to the Coast Guard.)

According to the Daily Beast, Trump feared that his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, had, in his words, “turned on me.” The Daily Beast reports that Trump has seen it coming for weeks.

The Daily Beast story was published just hours after news became public that Flynn would enter a guilty plea on the charge of lying to the FBI. And the article went up just minutes after an ABC report that as part of the deal, Flynn is prepared to testify against Trump.

The online news outlet cited three sources close to Trump in their reporting. Two of those three sources told the Daily Beast that Trump was personally hurt by the prospect of Flynn’s betrayal.

The hurt was mutual, according to ABC News. ABC’s Brian Ross said during the network’s Special Report coverage of the plea deal that Flynn “feels he has been abandoned by President Trump,”

Flynn is not only set to turn on Trump, according to the ABC News report. Ross says that Flynn will also testify against “against members of the Trump family, and others in the White House.”

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