2020 Keeps Getting Weirder: Libertarian Presidential Nominee Cancels Rally Appearance After Being Bitten by a Bat

Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

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Happy Friday, dear readers. So far this year, in addition to the pandemic, we have endured murder hornets, toxic giant toads, a Saharan dust storm, a growing threat of hurricanes — and now bats are attacking third party presidential candidates.

Friday evening, Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen tweeted that she would not be able to attend her planned Saturday morning campaign rally, because she would be “getting a rabies vaccine as a precaution after having been bitten by a bat near the start of this campaign tour!”

Jorgensen remained upbeat, tweeting #LetHerSpeak — the hashtag she has been using to advocate for being allowed to participate in the debates with the two major party candidates, Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden — to announce her planned attendance at a rally later in the day Saturday as well as a joke referencing Batgirl and other quips wondering if she might soon have superpowers:

Unsurprisingly, Twitter went batty — pun absolutely and unapologetically intended — for this story, especially after a droll tweet from Washington Examiner politics editor Jim Antle.

Right before this article was published, Jorgensen posted one final tweet thanking her followers for all the fun, along with one more bat photo:

Best wishes to Jorgensen for a full recovery and hey, if you do develop superpowers, please reach out for an interview!

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