Michael Vick

Fox’s Kilmeade: Michael Sam a Distraction Just Like Michael Vick Was

ESPN Anchors Shout at Each Other over Claim That Gay NFL Player a ‘Distraction’

Oops: Today Airs Footage Of Wrong Black Quarterback During Michael Vick Interview

Tucker Carlson: ‘Unlike Charles Barkley, I Am Not Pulling For Michael Vick’

Charles Barkley Calls Tucker Carlson A “Nobody “Idiot” For Vick Execution Remark

Tucker Carlson: “Of Course I Don’t Want [Michael Vick] Executed”

Max Kellerman On CNN: “If You Eat Pork,” Don’t Complain About Michael Vick

Maddow Producer Slams Mediaite’s Frances Martel for Their Own Fumbling of Michael Vick Segment

Professor Ties Michael Vick Case To Slavery, Civil Rights On MSNBC

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur: Why Is Tucker Carlson Not Calling For Huntress Sarah Palin’s Execution?

Tucker Carlson: “I Think Personally [Michael Vick] Should Have Been Executed”

O’Reilly Factor Panel Debates: Are We A Nation Of Wusses?

Megyn Kelly Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Praise For Michael Vick’s ‘Second Chance’

White House Confirms President Obama Praised Eagles for Giving Michael Vick a Second Chance

President Obama Supports Controversial Quarterback Michael Vick

Barbara Walters Cool With Letting Michael Vick Watch Her Dog

Cue Firestorm: Michael Vick Wants To Own A Dog Again

Roethlisberger’s “Special Treatment” By Media & League Isn’t That Special

Bill Maher: “We Love The Troops The Way Michael Vick Loves Dogs”

Winners and Losers: Imus Comes Back Swinging and Letterman’s Creepy Week

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