Ann Coulter On The Other Obama Rumor: He’s Not Muslim, ‘He’s An Atheist’

Conservative author Ann Coulter has a new book coming out soon called Demonic and in case anyone needs a reminder of her take-no-prisoners approach to political commentary, she appeared last night on Fox Business to try and lay to rest another allegation about President Obama. Coulter wanted people to know that Obama is not a Muslim, no, she said “I think, like all liberals, he’s an atheist.”

David Asman asked Coulter why Obama recognized all of these Muslim holidays but failed to issue a statement on Easter. Coulter dismissed it as an oversight and joked it was “probably because they were busy looking for the President’s birth certificate.” Instead, Coulter suggested the real worry with Obama is not that he’s Muslim, but instead that his religion is the environment and that he thinks Earth Day is just as important as Easter.

Following a strange conversation about liberals believing worms should be treated as well as human beings, Coulter was optimistic about Republican chances in 2012 against Obama, since when you follow liberal policies “disaster ensues and re-election becomes more difficult.” And despite singing the praises of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, she backed down from an earlier prediction, and now thinks Mitt Romney would be able to beat Obama too.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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