Bob Beckel Lashes Out over Hillary Video, Says Producer ‘Should Be Hung’

During Fox News’s The Five on Tuesday, liberal co-host Bob Beckel accused the show’s producers of distorting remarks by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and went so far as to remark that one of the producers “should be hung.”

Andrea Tantaros opened the show with a video clip of Clinton. “Listen to our former Secretary of State actually defend (Palestinian political group) Hamas for hiding rockets in civilian areas like schools,” Tantaros read off the teleprompter.

The clip played with Clinton saying in an interview that Hamas puts its missiles in civilian areas in part because “Gaza is really small and it’s really densely populated.”

Beckel jumped in. “Whoever wrote that thing,” he said, pointing at the prompter, “that Hillary Clinton said ‘schools,’ she never, ever said schools. That is a bad use of words and whoever wrote it should be hung.”

Tantaros corrected him, correctly stating that she had actually read “like schools” off the TelePrompter.

Eric Bolling then weighed in, pressing back on Beckel, saying that the U.N. indeed had found weapons hidden in schools. (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has reported that it has found missiles in schools in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians live.)

“She [Hillary] didn’t say it, that’s the point,” Beckel said. “Just because our producers want to make it sound like that…”

We’ve requested comment from Fox News.

Watch via Fox News:

[Image via Fox News/screen grab]

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