Chris Matthews Rhapsodizes On Obama’s ‘Winning’ ‘Little Boy Smile’

Yesterday, Karl Rove warned Republicans that, depending on how President Obama handles all of the shutdown hullaballoo, it could actually help him with the public. On Hardball today, Chris Matthews and his guests looked into how the President was doing. While the entire panel agreed that it behooved Obama to appear like a “compromiser” and an adult in a city of bickering children, Matthews pointed out something else that would help him; the President’s pearly whites.

After watching a clip of Obama, this was Matthews’ assessment:

“You know, sometimes, Gene [Robinson], he has that, he didn’t have it right there but a minute ago he had that great smile, that little boy smile of his which is so winning. Mark [Halperin] noticed it too. He brings it out. I don’t know if it’s technique.”

Matthews went on to contrast the smile with John Boehner who, he said, always looked like he was “shvitzing.”

You know, it’s too bad Matthews and Glenn Beck aren’t friends because the two of them would have the best slumber parties! I can picture it now, the two of them in their jammies, eating popcorn while flipping through the latest issue of Political Tiger Beat.

“Gosh, Barack is the hunkiest politician! Just look at that smile!”

“What are you talking about? Can’t you just imagine Paul Ryan riding up to you on a big white horse?”

And this would, I imagine, lead into the most disturbing pillow fight in the history of bedding.

Check out the clip from MSNBC below:

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