Media Begins Biden Presidency With Overt Fawning and Flattery


Members of the media kicked off President Joe Biden’s term in office with a generous amount of fawning over his marriage, his clothes, and his life as a whole.

CNN political director David Chalian was among the first to kick off the media’s ingratiation on Tuesday, speaking in reference a Covid-19 memorial in Washington, D.C. “Those lights that are shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial along the reflecting pool — it’s almost extensions of Joe Biden’s arms embracing America,” Chalian told his viewers. “It was a moment where the new president came to town and sort of convened the country in this moment of remembrance, outstretching his arms.”

The attire choices Biden and other Democrats made also drew raves. Those feted for their fashion sense included First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and, amazingly, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The New York Post got an early start with the praise on Tuesday. “Kamala Harris’ style is ushering in a new generation of power dressing,” the Post said in one headline. (“Funny I don’t remember any media fawning over [former First Lady] Melania [Trump’s] outfits which were actually stylish,” one Twitter user replied.)

CNN’s Omar Jimenez joined in on Wednesday. “Everyone else is at the Inauguration. Bernie Sanders is at his grandson’s soccer match,” he wrote on Twitter, displaying a photo of Sanders bundled up in an outfit that included mittens.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s Joy Reid was more generous in her lathering of praise. “It’s a beautiful periwinkle blue,” she said during an on-air segment of the first lady’s coat as footage showed her walking with Biden to the inauguration ceremony. “You know, the coats of the first lady have become a thing, since [former First Lady] Michelle Obama wore that spectacular one in 2008,” Reid added.

Others tried to put their praise in a more philosophical context. “For Joe Biden, life and destiny converge to offer a new challenge,” The Washington Post wrote in a headline on a story about the president.

“Trump—>Biden,” CNN’s John Harwood wrote in another message, suggesting the contrast was equivalent to “lies” versus “truth” and “amorality” versus “decency.”

“Joe and Beau used to watch an eagle soar by the dock,” The Washington Post’s Matt Viser wrote in his own tweet. “Now, when Biden steps to a lectern, he will be greeted by a presidential seal. It features as its most prominent symbol a bald eagle, a reminder both of what he has accomplished and what he has lost.”

On a parade route after Biden’s inauguration, journalists including CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell vied to see who could get Biden’s attention with the most obsequious questions.

“Mr. President, Mr. President — Norah O’Donnell has a question for you! Come on over!” O’Donnell shouted at Biden as he walked by a crowd, to uproarious laughter from O’Donnell’s in-studio colleagues. “How are you feeling? Feeling good?”

“All right, it didn’t work guys,” O’Donnell said after Biden failed to acknowledge her. “He’s going to that other guy!” O’Donnell’s colleague observed as Biden began running to NBC journalist Al Roker. “Oh no, no he didn’t!  Oh, it’s Al Roker, come on now,” O’Donnell added, as Biden and Roker exchanged a feisty fist-bump.

Watch the exchange involving Norah O’Donnell and Al Roker above via CBS News.

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