Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Mocks GOP Claim Trump Is Playing ‘3D Chess’ on Impeachment

On Cuomo Primetime, The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur laughed off and then openly mocked a Republican strategist’s claim that President Donald Trump is playing “three-dimensional chess” by cleverly trying to trick Democrats into impeaching him: “Donald Trump couldn’t even play two-dimensional chess!”

In a debate with GOP campaign strategist Patrick Griffin, Uygur challenged the conventional wisdom that impeachment is more politically perilous for the Democrats and will backfire on them in 2020 if they pursue it.

“[Democratic Speaker] Nancy Pelosi tells me that you guys are looking forward to it. Do you want us to impeach Donald Trump? Say it right here,” Uygur said, calling out Griffin.

“I think Nancy Pelosi if she wasn’t as smart as she is, should be letting her caucus lead her down the rabbit hole to impeachment,” Griffin shot back.

“But do you want Donald Trump impeached? Because I hear from the Democratic leadership that [Republicans] want Donald Trump impeached. Is that true? Do you want him impeached?” Uygur responded.

“I think the Democrats should try to make their entire campaign about impeaching Donald Trump,” Griffin said. “That’s precisely what they should do and what is fascinating about this is that Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump, we can both disagree with them, I disagree with both on a lot of things, but… politically [they’re] playing three-dimensional chess while everybody else is playing checkers. That’s why she hasn’t moved to impeach this president and…”

At the mention of “three-dimensional chess,” however, Uygur lost it and even host Chris Cuomo raised his eyebrows in amazement.

“OK, Donald Trump couldn’t play two-dimensional chess,” Uygur countered, clearly still amused by the idea that Trump, who reflexively lashed out at the mere word “impeachment” last week, was secretly trying to engineer that fate for himself.

“He is grossly incompetent,” Uygur said. “He never thought one step ahead in his life. He’s a total loser through and through and if you’re saying [Pelosi] is not much of a strategist either, I would agree, but somehow you think she is great. That makes no sense at all. Hey Nancy Pelosi, Republicans think you’re great, that should be a note to you. On the issue of impeachment, it’s a matter of principle. If you let Donald Trump get away with two clear felonies, obstruction of justice and campaign finance violations, then Nancy Pelosi would prove Donald Trump right, that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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