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After Bernie Drops Out Cenk Uygur Predicts ‘4 Years of Darkness’ Whether it’s Biden or Trump

Progressive internet star Cenk Uygur delivered a post-mortem on Bernie Sanders’ campaign minutes after it ended, and while he professed a desire to see President Donald Trump defeated, Uygur also said Sanders’ exit portends “four years of darkness,” whether Trump or Biden prevails.

On Wednesday afternoon, the host of The Young Turks delivered a 20-minute monologue in which he promised “personal responsibility” and a “real analysis of what went wrong, not to blame other people but so that you can face it,” as well as “what needs to be done going forward in order to beat Donald Trump.”

But first, he asked viewers to contribute to the show at its website, to “make sure Young Turks is that progressive voice, and now the light in what will be probably be at least 4 years of darkness, whether you think that’s Trump, Biden, establishment.”

Uygur then proceed to live up to his promise to take stock of “some of the things that were not done right in the campaign” by explaining to viewers that a “Democratic machine” thirsty for “corrupt bribes” had arrayed itself against Bernie Sanders, but “it’s on us” that Sanders couldn’t figure out a way to defeat the machine.

Uygur then spent a solid chunk of the remainder of his monologue ranting against the media for cheating Sanders, but again took responsibility for not knowing how to defeat the cheating and lying media.

As for how to defeat Trump, Uygur pointed at the screen and said “That’s YOUR job!”, addressing the Democratic establishment. He said he hoped Biden had a plan, but accused Biden supporters on social media of “setting up excuses” not to win, and said the Biden plan is “let’s not talk about any of Trump’s problems, because they might bring up some of Biden’s problems, and let’s hope we can coast.”

He also claimed that the media now expects Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks to “get people excited” about Joe Biden’s candidacy, and to do so by “lying,” but Uygur refuses to do so.

Ugur concluded by saying, “It’s on you to win this election, it’s not on anyone else, and anyone else who says otherwise is a natural born loser who’s planning to lose the election, so I hope to God that’s not the case, and there are good folks on Biden’s team and I hope they got a good plan, and I hope they nail it, cuz now it’s their party. Enjoy.”

And “Boom!” went the dynamite.

Watch the clip above via The Young Turks.

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