Bernie Sanders: Biden Will Need to Listen to the Serious Needs of People Who Haven’t Been ‘Overly Enthusiastic’ About His Campaign


Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on PBS NewsHour Friday and discussed his health care proposals amid the coronavirus pandemic and his decision this week to drop out of the 2020 race.

Sanders told Judy Woodruff, “I think we have won the ideological battle. I think ideas that I fought for four or five years ago that everyone considered to be radical or extreme are now part of the mainstream discussion.”

At one point, Woodruff told Sanders Joe Biden has moved in his direction on some policy issues, but not on some key differences.

Sanders reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the Democratic nominee, but said, “If Joe is going to do well against Trump, if he’s going to defeat Trump, then he’s going to have to reach out effectively to a whole lot of people where he has not had the kind of support that he needs. That’s lower-income people, that is younger people, and he’s going to have to give those people the understanding that he hears them and he’s moving to respond to their concerns.”

He called Biden a “decent guy” and “good politician” and said he knows in order to win, “he’s going to need to listen to and respond to the needs of a whole lot of people who have not been overly enthusiastic about his campaign up to now.”

You can watch the full interview above, via PBS.

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