Bloomberg Backer Judge Judy Shades Biden: ‘Very Nice Man’ BUT…’Wasn’t Great’ for 40 Years


TV personality Judge Judy Sheindlin, who is now starring in a campaign ad for Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential run, damned with faint praise Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, saying he was “a very nice man” but that he “wasn’t great for 40 years.”

Speaking with CNN host Chris Cuomo, the notoriously blunt Sheindlin tried to more diplomatically make the case for her Bloomberg, while taking some not so subtle swipes at Biden’s legacy. Sheindlin is currently on a media tour touting the former New York City mayor’s prospects in defeating President Donald Trump, telling The Five that writing Bloomberg off as simply a “rich guy” would be “one of the greatest injustices.”

“You don’t see it in this field. You don’t see someone who can beat the president other than Mike Bloomberg?” Cuomo asked.

“That is correct,” she replied.

“Joe Biden can’t do it?” he pressed.

After some hedging, Sheindlin answered Cuomo’s question with one of her own: “Do you see greatness?”

When the CNN host demurred, Sheindlin touted Mike Bloomberg’s executive experience and contrasted it with merely being Obama’s right-hand man: “Being number two isn’t being number one.”

Cuomo noted that Biden, along with Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar all have years of federal elective experience, versus just being the mayor of the nation’s largest city.

” I will respond to your question in a, what I consider a moderate tone,” Sheindlin said. “Joe Biden is a very nice man. I’m sure he is. He wasn’t a great—for 40 years, wasn’t great.”

“So nothing’s changed, except he’s gotten older,” she added, moments later, implying the 77-year-old Biden might not be formidable enough to beat Trump, even though Bloomberg, her preferred candidate, is eight months older.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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