CNN’s Dana Bash Says If Trump Loses Arizona, It Would Be ‘McCain’s Last Laugh’


During a CNN panel discussion of the state of the 2020 race in Arizona, noting how President Donald Trump’s long history of clashing — and insulting — with favorite son Sen. John McCain may have come back to haunt him.

During a second night of election coverage, Dana BashAbby Phillip, and Jake Tapper dug into Arizona, where Democratic challenger Joe Biden was holding a lead of several percentage points with a few hundred thousands votes left to count.

“It is remarkable. The fact that it is a potential pivot point for the President of the United States who was a Democrat just shows that demographics are changing in many states and number one is Arizona,” Bash noted, as the state is releasing its final 10-15% of their total vote.

“Arizona is their best shot right now really,” Phillip explained, referring to the Trump campaign’s efforts to climb out of an electoral hole to 270. “They have a fair amount of ground to make up in that state. It shows how big of a problem they have that Arizona is their best shot and it is not a good situation they are facing right now. That state is — Joe Biden has a comfortable lead for Arizona and if he’s able to hold onto it, it blocks Donald Trump’s path to the White House.”

“So much of the Trump’s era has been as if it was conceived in — in a writer’s room in Hollywood,” Tapper said. before alluding to numerous incidents where Trump trashed the former Vietnam POW and longtime conservative senator, both in life and in death. “The idea that, his advisers, have been begging him for years to stop attacking and insulting one of Arizona’s favorite sons, Sen. John McCain, who attacked and said he wasn’t a real hero and just went onto attack John McCain and then John McCain died and he was incredibly ungracious and then continued to attack him when he died. Ultimately, John McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain  beloved and respected in Arizona, endorsed Biden. There are many people in the White House right now tearing their hairs watching Arizona returns right now saying: ‘I told you not to do that!’

“You read my mind,” Bash replied quickly. “I was sitting here thinking Arizona and thinking John McCain and Cindy McCain. And now Jeff Flake endorsed Joe Biden, but much more of the McCain legacy. I am sure you are talking to people who are close to John McCain, that it is John McCain’s last laugh, if, in fact, his state, his beloved adopted state goes for Joe Biden, his old friend who spoken at his funeral, eulogized him.”

“Can you imagine the poetry of that if it happens?” Bash pondered.

“The way the writers have been conceiving of this season of the Trump show, it might,” Tapper cracked.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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