CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Roasts Trump: Biden, Who the President Called the Worst Candidate in History, Is ‘Beating Him By 4 Million Votes!’


In this era of bombastic cable news personalities, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is known to be one of the most stoic, serious anchors of all. But with the popular vote gap rapidly widening between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, Blitzer could help but roast the incumbent.

Speaking during CNN’s election coverage Thursday night, the cable news icon made light of the president’s trash talk towards his opponent, and noted the nearly four million-vote lead currently held by the former vice president.

“During the campaign, [Trump] would go out over these last few weeks and say, ‘Joe Biden is the worst presidential candidate in American history, it would be outrageous if I lost to the worst — the worst!'” Blitzer said. “Look at the popular vote right now. And this is probably so irritating to the current President of the United States — that Joe Biden, who he says was the worst presidential candidate in American history, is beating him by four million votes! And has won more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history and only 91 percent of the vote is in.”

The comments came shortly after the president’s bizarre news conference in which he made a host of false claims alleging election chicanery. The briefing drew Blitzer’s ire — quite possibly fueling, at least in small part, the anchor’s rare roasting of the president.

Watch above, via CNN.

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