Elizabeth Warren Meets, Takes Selfie With Look-Alike on Campaign Trail: ‘We Need to Talk!’


Massachusetts Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren met one of her biggest political fans on the campaign trail in Minnesota, but the pair didn’t just think alike, they looked almost exactly alike as well.

Stephanie Oyen, from Edina, Minnesota, said she first dressed up as Warren as a joke last Halloween after noticing the similarities between Warren and herself. She then reprised the senator’s signature look — right down to the long-sleeve solid-print top, rimless glasses, and short haircut — for a Warren campaign event in St. Paul on Tuesday.

“I thought I would put on the blazer, go to the rally and get a couple giggles,” Oyen explained. But she quickly realized she hand’t bargained for folks mistaking her for the real candidate. “People started turning: ‘Oh my God, it’s Warren, it’s Warren.’ It was really touching to see the number of people with tears in their eyes, who said things like ‘You’re my hero.’ I felt terrible having to tell them I wasn’t the real Elizabeth Warren.”

Oyen, who noted she is 20 years younger than the 70-year-old Warren made sure she was in full costume, as it were, when she got in the selfie line after Warren’s speech. Upon seeing her double, Warren did a quick double take, and then played along.

“She looked at me up and down and pointed at me and said ‘We need to talk!'” Oyen recalled, adding that the senator’s staff then called her back for one more selfie for the campaign.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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