MSNBC Contributor Painfully Confuses Rep. Joaquin Castro With Twin, 2020 Candidate Julian Castro


MSNBC contributor Noah Rothman stumbled into an awkward moment after he confused Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) for 2020 presidential candidate and his identical twin Julián Castro.

Rothman, a Commentary magazine editor, asked Joaquin Castro on Morning Joe about his stance on Iran relations discussed during a Fox News town hall (which was held with Julián Castro, not Joaquin and apparently unbeknownst to Rothman).

“Well, the first thing is, I have to correct you,” the lawmaker said. “The person who did the Fox News town hall was my brother, Julián, who is running for president. I’m here in the Congress.”

Rothman was clearly embarrassed and apologized.

“That is a truly awful confusion on my part. But I’m sure it’s not the first time this happened,” Rothman said. Castro was seemingly okay with the mixup, laughing while Rothman was apologizing.

Rothman later apologized again on Twitter.

Castro took it in stride, saying it “literally happens everyday!”

Host Joe Scarborough also jumped in with a joke about his evil twin brother ‘Skippy.’

“Skippy was on yesterday yelling about Robert Mueller. I was horrified watching it at home,” Scarborough joked, apparently about his Wednesday blow-up directed at Special Counsel Robert Mueller where he exclaimed he had a picture of Mueller in his home.

“I’ve got a picture of this guy in my house!” Scarborough exclaimed Wednesday. “But this is absurd! That he somehow thinks he’s above testifying!… Millions and millions of dollars were paid for your report. Not everybody, BOB, is going to read it! So you read it for ’em!”

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