A Furious Joe Scarborough Erupts on ‘High and Mighty’ Mueller: ‘Not Everybody, BOB, Is Going to Read’ Your Report!


This morning on MSNBC, Congressman Jim Himes assured that Robert Mueller would be subpoenaed, and he did so in the face of a mad-as-hell Joe Scarborough blowing up at the “high and mighty” Mueller.

Mueller indicated in his recent public remarks any testimony he gives would just focus on the substance of what he laid out in his report. Democrats have been calling for him to testify anyway.

As Himes was talking about the issue of getting Mueller to testify, Scarborough asked, “How much money did the investigation cost? I don’t mean to sound like a Trump supporter. How much did taxpayers pay him?”

He asked incredulously if Mueller thinks everyone’s going to read the report, saying, “Some people are not going to read that government document! I want to know why Robert Mueller thinks he’s above coming to Capitol Hill and testifying for Americans! It’s outrageous!”

“Why don’t you subpoena him?!” Scarborough continued. “This is absolutely ridiculous. He documented 10 examples of the President of the United States obstructing justice! He documented illegal or at least very improper contacts between people associated with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin! And you guys can’t get him on Capitol Hill to talk? And he’s too high and mighty to get on Capitol Hill and talk?!”

“I’ve got a picture of this guy in my house!” he exclaimed. “But this is absurd! That he somehow thinks he’s above testifying!… Millions and millions of dollars were paid for your report. Not everybody, BOB, is going to read it! So you read it for ’em!”

He concluded by shouting that it’s “outrageous” Mueller hasn’t been “dragged to Capitol Hill” to talk, adding that while he still really respects Mueller, he’s fed up with the “coy” positioning.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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