‘Obscene’…’Dangerous’…’Patently False’: CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash Shred Trump for Tweet Claiming Dems Trying to Steal the Election


CNN anchor Jake Tapper and panelist Dana Bash shredded President Donald Trump after he tweeted out an outrageously false claim on Election Night that his campaign is “up BIG” and then vaguely accused Democrats of trying to “STEAL the election” by counting legally submitted ballots “after the POLES are closed [sic].”

Counting ballots after the polls are closed are precisely how elections are always conducted, and in response, Twitter quickly slapped the misinformation label on Trump’s grossly misleading post.

The panel reacted after CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta noted that Trump had tweeted just minutes after Democratic challenger Joe Biden addressed supporters and expressed confidence in his chances at winning.

“The fact that the president misspelled polls, is just the chef’s kiss,” Tapper snarked. “First of all, the fact that no one is trying to steal the election. Counting votes is how this works. And he idea that the president immediately says that is just factually incorrect.”

Tapper then pointed out that the Trump campaign is pushing the exact opposite argument in Arizona, where Fox News had already called the state for Biden.

“One thing I really want to drill down on is the president’s tweet saying they are trying to steal the election,” Bash said, circling back after a recap of the state of the race. “That is so patently false and frankly scary. And the reason is because people who love the president believe everything he says. They just do. I mean, I’ve been on the road and I’ve talked to Trump supporters and they parrot everything that he says.”

“It’s obscene that he said that,” agreed Tapper.

“It is, but it’s more than obscene. It really is dangerous,” Bash emphasized.

“Dangerous, absolutely,” Tapper echoed.

“It’s going to cause a lot of unnecessary tension in an already unnerved country,” Bash said.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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