Chuck Todd Confronts Sanders on Trump Siding With ‘Murderous Authoritarian Dictator’ to Mock Biden

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the strange claim that President Donald Trump wasn’t “siding with” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when he praised Kim’s insult of Joe Biden, but merely expressing complete agreement with Kim’s “assessment” of the former vice president.

On Sunday morning’s edition of NBC News’ Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd repeatedly pressed Sanders over a tweet in which Trump downplayed North Korea’s provocative missile tests, and expressed amusement at an insult that the North Korean government aimed at Biden (whom Trump referred to as “Bidan” before correcting the spelling).

Todd began by asking Sanders about Trump’s downplaying of North Korea’s recent missile tests, and Sanders replied repeatedly that Trump is focused on the “relationship” with Kim, and hopes that relationship will lead to denuclearization.

Todd then Turned to the latter part of Trump’s tweet.

“Can you explain why Americans should not be concerned that the president of the United States is essentially siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over a former vice president of the United States?” Todd asked, after reading Trump’s tweet.

“Chuck, the president’s not siding with that,” Sanders replied, but then immediately said “I think they agree in their assessment of former vice president Biden.”

Sanders then seemed to suggest that bonding over Biden might also be crucial to the denuclearization effort, telling Todd “Again, the president’s focus in this process is the relationship he has, and making sure we continue on the path towards denuclearization.”

“That’s what he wants to see, and that certainly will the people in this region want to see, and our hopeful at the president is right, and then that relationship will be what helps move us further down that path,” Sanders added.

“The president of the United States takes the North Korean dictators word about Joe Biden?” Todd said. “What happened to speaking with one voice in American foreign policy, is the president not setting up trying to have world leaders sort of pick which political party they should side with? I don’t understand what message the president is sending here.”

“The president doesn’t need somebody else to give him an assessment of Joe Biden, he’s giving his own assessment a number of times, I think you’ve seen it, I’m sure you covered it on your program,” Sanders said.

According to the Collins English Thesaurus, “side with” and “agrees with” are synonyms.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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