Trump Lashes Out at ‘Radical Democrats’ for ‘Unconstitutional Bullsh*t Impeachment’ During Louisiana Rally


Donald Trump angrily lashed out at the looming threat to his presidency during a campaign rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana, blasting “radical Democrats” for conducting what he blasted as an “illegal, invalid and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.”

Trump’s vulgar broadside came at the end of a particularly disastrous Friday for the Trump White House, in which it lost five major court battles, including unfavorable rulings about protecting his tax returns from the public and his ability to fund his signature campaign promise to “build the wall,” and saw more Congressional testimony from Trump administration figures that pointed the finger at presidential misconduct in dealing with Ukraine.

Those setbacks fueled a president that seemed even more incensed than at his rally in Minneapolis the night before. And he saved his most vitriol for his political opponents.

“They have been trying to stop us for more than 3 years with a lot of crap,” Trump said, before engaging in a long tangent about the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s foreign interference in the 2016 election and reprising a bizarre, imaginary pillow-talk conversation between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.”These are corrupt people, folks,” he concluded.

Then he trained his fire directly on the opposition party and its impeachment investigation of Trump’s Ukraine-whistleblowers scandal.

“The radical Democrat policies are crazy. Their politicians are corrupt and their candidates are terrible,” he said. “They know they can’t win on Election Day so are pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.”

The crowd roared with approval at the president’s vulgar dismissal of his possible impeachment — even though a Fox News poll from Wednesday showed that a majority of the country would disagree.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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