Trump Supporter Marc Thiessen Says Trump Declaring Victory a ‘Huge Mistake,’ Biden’s Message is ‘Right’


Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen’s conservative bona fides are well documented. The former speechwriter for President George W. Bush has also been a vocal supporter of the Trump administration, even going so far as to write a column suggesting President Donald Trump is the most honest president in U.S. history.

But even Thiessen couldn’t help but condemn Trump’s premature and false claim early Wednesday morning that he had, in fact, won reelection, long before all the legally cast ballots had been counted. President Trump has spent part of Wednesday also spreading baseless conspiracy theories that votes counted after polls close, are somehow part of a Democrat-led effort to rig the election in his opponent, Joe Biden’s, favor.

Regarding the wait for a final result, Thiessen recommended patience to viewers. “I think Joe Biden’s message has been right and I think the president going out and saying he won the election was a huge mistake,” he noted to host Dana Perino. “It hurts his credibility, because there may be very legitimate questions about the ballots being counted.”

“Why would you make false charge, unsubstantiated charge when we don’t know that there is fraud yet?” he continued. “And in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court has basically rewritten the state election laws to say that you can count votes that come in after the election,” making the point that there is a “legitimate argument,” for counting these votes.

The Trump campaign claims that they are convinced that they will win Pennsylvania, a crucial state for the president’s election bids, and are reportedly sending lawyers to preemptively litigate any result that may not fall in their favor.

Watch above via Fox News.

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