WATCH: Biden Mocks Trump’s Hair, ‘Perfect Physical Specimen’ Claims: ‘I Hardly Have Any Hair But I’d Rather Have What I Have’


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden cracked a series of jokes at his opponent’s expense at a rally in Detroit, MI Saturday, mocking President Donald Trump’s claims that he’s a “stable genius” and “perfect physical specimen” — plus some quips about the president’s infamous hairstyle.

Biden’s Detroit rally was part of a multi-state whirlwind of campaign stops for both candidates as Election Day looms ever closer on Tuesday. The former vice president was introduced at today’s events by former President Barack Obama, who dropped his own jokes at Trump’s expense, including asking if the president’s “obsession” with large rallies was because no one went to his birthday parties as a kid.

Many of Biden’s jokes were lighthearted, but others were clearly meant to emphasize his view that Trump was unfit to be president.

“The president likes to portray himself as a tough guy, the macho man,” said Biden. “But when was the last time you saw a President of the United States literally being laughed at by the world leaders at the United Nations? The entire U.N. laughed at him. When’s the last time you saw a President of the United States attend a NATO meeting, being openly mocked by the leaders of the NATO countries making fun of him?”

“Tough guy my –” Biden cut himself off with a sly smirk, as the audience laughed and cheered. “– my word,” he finished, opting for the G-rated word instead of the one that was implied.

Biden also mocked Trump as “Vladimir Putin’s puppy” for being “too scared to challenge him” about the reported bounties that Russia put on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

“What a total embarrassment,” said Biden about Trump. “My God.”

“By the way, today he said he is a, I think he said, he is a perfect physical specimen,” said Biden as he feigned solemnity and made the sign of the cross as the audience laughed.

“Maybe that’s why he thought he was able to write off $70,000 on his taxes because he needed special haircare,” Biden continued. Someone in the crowd shouted, “He should get a refund!”

“Seriously. $70,000 written off for hair care? I tell you what, man. I hardly have any hair but I’d rather have what I have.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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