‘We Have to Point Out How Abnormal This Is’: Chris Wallace Reminds Fox News Viewers How Romney Conceded to Obama


Fox News’ Chris Wallace said Saturday morning, after the network called the 2020 race, that Republicans are going to be very wary of what President Donald Trump might do instead of conceding the election like other Republicans before him.

Wallace joined Fox News’ breaking news coverage of Joe Biden being the projected winner of the presidential election. Trump has not conceded yet and is talking about pursuing more legal challenges.

Wallace said, “Donald Trump has every right to pursue legal challenges, other failing candidates have in the past. So far at least we don’t see anything that would rise to the level of serious fraud and certainly not a serious fraud that would change the results of elections. We’re not talking about 500 votes, as we were talking about in Florida in 2000. We’re talking about tens of thousands of votes in Pennsylvania. Tens of thousands of votes in Nevada, so the president is certainly right, within his legal rights to pursue these challenges, but there really at this point doesn’t seem to be much reason to believe they’re going to succeed.”

He also brought up Mitt Romney’s worry about what Trump has been stirring up with his baseless claims thus far about the election being “stolen” or “rigged.”

“I think you’re going to see that increasingly from a number of Republicans that, you know, if you want to pursue this in court, go ahead. But let’s not be talking about stolen elections or election fraud,” Wallace said.

He also told his colleagues “we have to point out how… abnormal this is”:

“Back in 2012 when [Romney] was the losing candidate, it was about 11:30 at night when we called Ohio and the presidency for Barack Obama, and Romney had — as all of these candidates do — had an army of lawyers ready to go out to airports, to go around the country, to challenge, there are always questions about the vote count in various states and he waited for 90 minutes, Romney did, and then he called President Obama and he conceded and that is what people do. It’s always hard to accept. Hillary Clinton needed some time until the next morning, if you remember, before she came out and conceded, to wrap their heads around it, but in the end, they look at the overwhelming math and do concede. There are things that happen… You do get the concession speech. So, if we don’t get that, and I think that the Biden campaign has been prepared for that, they can go ahead, but it certainly cuts into the transfer of power that most Americans expect.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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