Bob Woodward Praises Gen Milley to Stephen Colbert: The ‘One Courageous Person Who Did Something’ on Trump’s Team


Bob Woodward and Robert Costa joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night to discuss their latest explosive book, Perilwhich details the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Of the more shocking revelations in the book was the claim that Gen. Mark Milley grew so worried about Trump’s stability during his last days in office, that he took steps to make sure the former president could not launch any nuclear weapons.

While on The Late Show, Woodward stood by his reporting, confirming to Colbert that they record every interview and have proof of all quotations included in Peril. 

Woodward admitted that while they did a deep background check on every claim, there were certainly people who came forward with information in an attempt to rehabilitate their reputation following their days on the Trump team.

“The one courageous person who did something was general Milley,” Woodward added of his sources. “There is a scene in the book, which took our breaths away, I think. When Nancy Pelosi called — Speaker of the House, second in line for the presidency — calls General Milley, and we have a transcript of it.”

Pelosi allegedly called Trump “dangerously crazy,” questioning Milley on how they could control nuclear weapons with him in office. Milley replied by confirming that there are procedures in place.

“And then after the call, Milley thinks, you know, she’s right. We better worry about Trump, and so he calls in the colonels and one-star generals and admirals into his office from the war room in the Pentagon,” he added. “And not just nuclear, but any military action. And he says, ‘All right, we have these procedures — don’t take a call from the president without me being involved. Do you understand that?'”

Woodward went on to say that Milley was not seizing power but instead ensuring that he would be in the room saying, “No!” if there was a threat to America or against American interest.

Watch above, via CBS.

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