Stephen Colbert Crosses Over to Veep‘s Universe to Stop Them Making Trump Happen


In the Late Show cold open on Thursday, host Stephen Colbert went into the fictional world of hit HBO series Veep to plead with them to stop making Donald Trump happen in our world.

The lengthy set-up begins with the Veep characters discussing Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) anti-vax opponent. They go through a series of outrageous comments before Colbert comes in.

“We need to give the American voters what they want,” says Meyer. “I mean like an unpopular minority that they can blame for all their problems.”

“Very Hitler-esque, ma’am,” says character Kent Davison (Gary Cole).

“Yeah, but he had better people working for him,” says Meyer. That’s when Colbert pops in from our universe to interrupt.

“Stop! I beg you. Stop!” he pleads. “My name is Stephen Colbert and I come from another dimension. The things that you’re doing on this Earth then happen in my world, over and over again!”

“This is insane,” says Meyer. Colbert then lists the ways.

“No no, listen listen: Foul mouthed President who tweets like a child. Blaming everything on the Chinese, election interference, a completely moronic press secretary,” he says, ticking each off on his fingers. “How about anti-daylight savings time laws, seven hundred measles cases and rising! You are killing my world!”

There was some awesome mocking of Colbert, including “you’re telling me CBS hired Where’s Waldo’s pedophile brother?” and “another 85 pounds of generic white male mediocrity that shops at the lesbian warehouse,” and, my favorite, “I mean seriously, you look like Letterman took the least funny dump of his life into a child’s suit.”

“Madame please, my America is in danger,” he says as they continue to mock, and then zaps out of their universe saying he’s a big fan.

The cast was there for the open as well as for an oversize interview with them all together. Everything was hilarious. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the funniest person ever. That’s … that’s it. End of post.

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