Steve Martin Takes on Roger Stone in SNL Cold Open: ‘Pardon Me?’


Saturday Night Light started off their latest show with a sketch skewering Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and his interview with Roger Stone.

It featured Steve Martin playing Stone.

The sketch began with SNL’s Tucker Carlson — as played by Alex Moffat — talking about Trump’s “heroic end to the shutdown.”

“It did take him 35 days, but he was finally able to get no wall,” he said.

Jeanine Pirro — as played by Cecily Strong — then joined in.

“Well, Tucker, we have to take a Marie Kondo approach to cleaning up this country. If something doesn’t spark joy, throw it out,” SNL’s Pirro said. “You know what doesn’t spark joy in me? Guatemalans.”

Kate McKinnon also made an appearance as a shriveled and out of touch Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross before Moffat’s Carlson introduced Stone.

“What a fun couple of days! I’m lovin’ the ride! Go Nixon,” Martin as Stone said.

SNL’s Carlson then tried to remind him that he’s had “a harrowing past 36 hours.”

Martin as Stone though didn’t see all that harrowed.

“Honestly, I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” he said. “I mean, seven felonies, one, two — I can’t even count that high,  how cool is that?”

SNL’s Carlson once again tried to remind him he was a feeble old man.

Talk then turned to Stone’s legal fundraising efforts — a conversation that was not completely removed from remarks the real-life Stone made during his Friday night interviews —  before Martin as Stone said, “Pardon me?”

SNL’s Carlson then repeated himself.

“Oh, no. That wasn’t a question, I was saying that to the president,” SNL’s Stone replied. “Pardon me.”

On Friday — on the same day as a pre-dawn raid led to his arrest — the real-life Stone appeared on Carlson’s show where he declared, “The indictment is thin indeed. So what is this about? It’s about silencing me.”

Watch above, via NBC

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