Anthony Bourdain And Jamie Oliver Lash Out Against Gordon Ramsay

Once the news spread that famed donkey puncher Gordon Ramsay had trademarked the name of a rival’s restaurant after she publicly mused about opening a restaurant in London, the majority of the chef world grew furious — so furious that even former enemies Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver found common ground.

“That Gordon Ramsay would register name ‘Spotted Pig’ in London and screw April Bloomfield (who built the brand) over is shameful pathetic,” Bourdain tweeted.

“Here here,” Oliver replied. “Anthony, April & Ken [Friedman, her business partner] have built something very special & one day I hope they will bring it to London. We like originals.”

Bourdain wasn’t finished with his sarcasm assault. “Gordon Ramsay registers name “Spotted Pig” in England? Shatters plans of fellow Brit April Bloomfield? Appropriates brand she built? Nice.”

“She has two months to contest his mark,” Tom Colicchio pointed out.

“It’s still a despicable move on his part,” Bourdain retorted.

Given their long history with April — Oliver recommended Bloomfield to helm The Spotted Pig before it launched, and Bourdain’s been her staunch advocate for seven years — it’s natural for these two food giants to defend her. But while the entire food world may be furious at Ramsay, international copyright law has no legal precedence for such a blatantly preemptive and underhanded move.


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