WATCH: Dan Barber Tells Al Roker, ‘All You Talk About Is Bobby Flay’

Dan Barber needs to do more cooking demos. Not only were our minds blown by that time he roasted vegetables in a compost pile, but this morning on Today, he also schooled Al Roker on why he needs to stop talking about Bobby Flay.

Dan stopped by the show with his farm manager, Jack (yes, they call him Farmer Jack), to demonstrate a “carrot steak,” which, yes, is as ridiculously cool as it sounds. It involves roasting an enormous carrot, flattening it under a brick, dredging it in breading materials, and then frying it. Carnivores, fear not; it’s served with a sauce of braised lamb.

While Al Roker is marveling over the idea of meat as a side dish and chuckling over how effectively the carrot dish “hides vegetables for the kids,” Dan Barber is clearly trying to avoid voicing what a newb he thinks Al is for perpetuating the idea of manipulating meals for kids’ sake. Everyone knows that the best way to raise non-nugget eaters is to feed them the exact same foods the adults are eating. DUH, AL.

Check out the clip below for the coolest carrot dish we’ve ever seen. Also, Dan’s thinly veiled disdain for mainstream media perceptions of food is totally entertaining. We feel for you, Barber.

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