Al Roker

Today Show Pokes Fun at Rumor That Geist and Morales Were Fired

Al Roker Sets New World Record for Longest Weather Broadcast; Sounds Hoarse as Hell

Al Roker Leaves Mic on During Bathroom Break of 34-Hour Weather Marathon

John Oliver and Cookie Monster Co-Anchor Serious Newscast About Words

Here’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker in Sharknado 2, for Some Reason

Today Show Prank Hilariously Falls Apart Right Before Our Eyes

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Al Roker Bury the Hatchet Over NYC Snow Response

The de Blasio de Bacle: New NYC Mayor Off to a Hilariously Horrific Start

Al Roker Apologizes to De Blasio for ‘Below the Line’ Comment About Being 1 Term Mayor

Morning Joe Crew Blasts de Blasio’s ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Irresponsible’ Snow Storm Performance

De Blasio Responds to Roker: Different ‘to Run a City’ Than ‘Give the Weather on TV’

Al Roker Rails Against NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘Don’t Blame Weather for YOUR Poor Policy’

Massage Buds: Matt Lauer, Al Roker Go on Fun-Filled Trip to Russian Bathhouse

Strange Today Show Moment Leads to Crazy New Meme: #Rokering

‘Stuff It!’: Al Roker Fires Back at Limbaugh’s ‘Polar Vortex’ Conspiracy

NBC’s Today Apologizes for ‘Offensive’ Sign Language Joke

WATCH: Ilan Hall Stages Pretend Knife Fight Between Al Roker and a Former Spice Girl

WATCH: Cake Boss Gives Al Roker Horrifying Cake Version Of His Own Melting Head

Today Show Recruits Body Language Expert, PR Guru & Carson Daly To Dissect Deen Interview

The War Room’s Michael Shure Dishes On Current TV, Tom Brokaw, And Dan Abrams

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