Cronuts Aren’t Going to a Be One-Hit Wonder for Dominique Ansel, OK Guys?


You have to wonder if Dominique Ansel gets a little sick of always being asked the same questions about the Cronut: what will be the next Cronut to come out of his bakery, all that. So give the man some space and let him make his lobster pretzel tails and cookie shots, alright?!

Ansel, in a new interview with Fast.Co, talks a bit more about why he’s not sick of the Cronut, his creative process, and a few more of his favorite desserts (like the frozen smores, yum). He also states that he’s not trying to have a Cronut-sized hit on his hands every time he tries something new (“I don’t worry about what goes viral”), and that yes, everyone wants to mass-produce the Cronut.

Have you gotten any offers from big companies to mass produce the Cronut?

Yes, many. Yes, big companies. The thing is, the Cronut is not something you can mass produce. It has a shelf life of a couple hours depending on the weather. It’s fried in grapeseed oil. It’s filled with a cream. It’s really good when you eat it in the next couple of hours. It’s not something you you could mass-produce, freeze, and ship in a box. You’d just destroy it, and it wouldn’t be the same product anymore.

Why not just cash in on the name? Forget the quality and get it on store shelves. Famous chefs do this all the time.

To me, it is really important that I stand for what I believe in, which is creativity. And I think the Cronut is a great creation. I don’t want to kill it, cash in on it, and make it disappear.

We’re still Team Cookie Shot.


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