Eddie Huang Blogs About New York Fashion Week

Eddie Huang, when he’s not pushing baos to the masses or throwing them off the back of a truck into the mouths of hungry Bonnaroo-goers, is a master blogger on various subjects. From trend-watching some sports person named Dwight Howard, to chronicling HBO’s Girls and its supremely annoying terrible/wonderfulness, we’re pretty much on board with giving anything Eddie has to write a looksy, for a one-liner round up of chuckle-worthy proportions, at the very least.

This week, he wrote an article about — of all weirdness — New York Fashion Week. And before you turn up your nose at the idea of a celebrity chef weighing in on fashion, slow your roll. They don’t all wear crocs. Have you seen Marcus Samuelsson’s red pants, hat-wear, and/or choices in vests? Are you familiar with Chris Cosentino’s fashion dos and don’ts? Granted, Eddie swings a bit more into the hip-hop/sneaker jargon end of the spectrum, but the man knows what he’s talking about. (We don’t. Something about Dunks and Timberlands. We trust him, though.) Here are a few highlights of Eddie Huang’s NYFW experience.

On the BCBG runway show he caught:

“The models were fly, and I liked the leather pants with lingerie top and oversized jacket.”

On getting into downtown clubs during Fashion Week (or ever):

“Every one gets treated like shit at Supreme just like they got dogged at Xiao Ye, but that’s the point. There are thousands of other places in New York to wear Ben Sherman and listen to Katy Perry.”

On our little corner of the world:

“Anytime someone asks us to explain downtown, we sound like fucking cornballs so I’m not even gonna try. Downtown is downtown is downtown and anyone that thinks it’s dead didn’t get in. It’s not special. It’s not new. It’s just fun to dress like assholes and support fam without having to wear hard-bottom shoes or listen to smell-your-own-feet house music. There were 20 dudes with Quarter Snacks Snowman shirts, A-Ron killed it with a snake skin polo situation, shawties had Supreme baseball jerseys, others rocked custom Phil Chang V6 Football jerseys. I didn’t see any BCBG. My editor wants me to say more, but I can’t. Sometimes your outfit says every thing we needed to hear. This is New York City, fuck with us.”

You can read the rest of Eddie’s account here.

[The Observer]

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