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Latest Threat To The Austin Dining Scene: Ex-Teen Mom/Porn Stars Opening Restaurants

It’s totally a great idea when celebrities open restaurants. Remember that awesome lady-focused steak house with a rain curtain that Eva Longoria opened? Oh, wait. Or that Bachelor lady’s sports bar? Well, what about Jay-Z’s Atlantic City Nightclub 40/40? Dammit.

Okay, well, if it’s any consolation to the culinary industry: if even A-listers can’t keep restaurants open, we highly doubt ex-Teen-Mom-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham will be able to. (Unless she uses her special relationship with James Deen to charm all the hipsters of Austin with her most likely tragic food.)

Revealed Farrah at a porn expo in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale (where else?): “I don’t miss Florida. I’m in Austin, Texas right now working on my restaurant so I’m very excited to be in Texas right now.”

We shouldn’t be maligning Farrah for delving into the restaurant world; she went to culinary school. At least she’s trained. So this could be a happy tale of putting one’s college degree to good use! …Right?

[Examiner h/t Eater]

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