Garcinia Spammers Enrage Celebrity Chef Twitterverse, Bourdain Calls For Action

Have you checked your Twitter feed yet today to make sure you haven’t been sending untoward spam on behalf of a weight-loss supplement called Garcinia? Because much of the Twitterverse has been hacked, and it’s apparently targeting Celebrity Chefs Starting With The Letter B.

Anthony Bourdain, Richard Blais, Mario Batali, and the Big Gay Ice Cream Gents all sent out tweets today, ranging from apologies for being forced to block hacked followers, to begging Guy Fieri to rush to our defense, to a call to action from Bourdain to come up with the unholiest tweet mentioning Garcinia.

You can decide between Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri as to who’s the hero Gotham deserves and who’s the hero Gotham needs right now. In the meantime, check out Celebrity Chef Garcinia Rage below, and commiserate.

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